Facebook introduces video-enabled mobile app ads to the desktop

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At the end of 2014, Facebook added video-enabled mobile app ads to its Power Editor, and introduced an autoplay feature for those which appeared in the News Feed. Now, similar functionality has been added for desktop mobile app install ads. Available inside the Power Editor and the Ads Create Tool, the desktop ads work in a similar way to their mobile counterparts.
Autoplay is enabled, and a persistent call-to-action will show over any video ads which are set to play on the right-hand side of Facebook’s news page. Marketers can create a card that appears when a video ends, with the option to replay the footage, or install the game.
Facebook introduces mobile app video ads to the desktop
facebook desktop ad
Facebook says there are more than 130,000 games which connect with the social network, but this figure covers both mobile and desktop titles, and they’re played by a massive 445 million people every month. Video is even more popular on Facebook, with four billion native videos viewed on the site each day.
Game developer Plamee, responsible for the Cake Story Facebook game, is one of the select few already testing out the desktop video ads. The company’s VP of marketing called the desktop ad unit, “ the best converting non-incentive ad unit available in the industry,” and that adding video to it is a “game changer” for increasing player loyalty.
Facebook’s only doing a limited release for its desktop video ads at the moment, but promises they will be widely available soon. In the meantime, you can sign-up for more information here.

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