Facebook has some privacy issues (again) – this time its Portal

Facebook has recently admitted that its home video call monitoring system Portal, which the company launched earlier this month, does indeed collect user data to provide targeted advertising.

Revealed by Recode, the social media company had originally claimed that no user data was being collected through Portal to target Facebook ads.

However, after probing it provided an update to reveal that although Portal would not feature adverts, data such as caller IDs and apps would still be collected to target ads across other Facebook-owned properties.

The data that Portal collects mimics that of Messenger including frequency of usage and length of calls.

Being one of the largest digital advertisers worldwide (alongside Google), the news may not come as a surprise. It may however strike users as odd that Portal collects data despite not actually featuring any advertising.

Failing to disclaim the information may just be an oversight by the social media company, but such oversights are becoming increasingly frequent.

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