Facebook expands ad options for game developers

Facebook is planning to add additional monetisation options for game publishers and developers by adding various in-game ad options.

Game developers will now be able to access rewarded video ads from the Audience Network dashboard. Rewarded video ads are undoubtedly the most successful format with 79% using the format alongside in-app purchases. 53% also said that they believed rewarded video drove in-app purchases, according to Facebook research.

In addition, the company is extending playable ads to the Audience Network and more specifically rewarded video and interstitial formats.

Overall, 57% of mobile developers consider in-app ads useful to improve player retention without disrupting the gaming experience. Over half of developers (55%) are already using in-app ads in combination with in-app purchases to monetise their game apps.

In an effort to improve the measurement of playable ads, Facebook also rolled out three new metrics – Instant Experiences click to open, Instant Experiences click to start, and Instant Experiences outbound clicks. These should help game advertisers determine at which points users may drop off or leave an app.

Facebook added that 33% of publishers had adopted a mixture of in-app ads and in-app purchases.

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