Facebook enables cross-posting of Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories

Facebook is launching an option for users to cross-post their Stories from Instagram to their Facebook Stories. The feature had previously been spotted in testing a month ago, but now the social media network confirmed that an official release would be coming soon. The launch should help people avoid having to manually copy their Stories.
Oddly enough, the feature does not work in reverse: you cannot post Facebook Stories to Instagram Stories. In addition, businesses aren’t enabled to use Facebook Stories.
Despite Facebook Stories having experienced a rather slow start, it seems the social media giant is keen to expand its efforts with the feature. The Stories tab on the social media platform has been considered unnecessary given that Facebook already has Messenger Day and WhatsApp Status as well as Instagram Stories of course.
Perhaps eyeing the success of Instagram Stories which reached a whopping 250 million daily active users in June this year, has further cemented trust into the tab. Indeed, if Facebook Stories aren’t picking up on their own, perhaps posts from Instagram can help.
The average user however may not actually see that much more engagement. Facebook is a much more private platform than Instagram. Posts and Stories are generally only seen by followers when in ‘public’ mode. Meanwhile, Instagram Stories are visible to anyone and hence can attract many more views and engagements.
So if Facebook is hoping to up the engagement for Stories significantly, it may not see much of an increase after all.
On the other hand, one would expect overall engagement with Facebook Stories to increase somewhat given that Instagram Stories get rather active.
It remains to be seen if Facebook Stories will also open up to publishers and pages, in which case Stories may be given a significant boost.

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