Facebook Audience Network now reaches one billion consumers a month helping advertisers increase their reach by 16%


Source Facebook

Facebook recently announced that its mobile advertising Audience Network now reaches one billion consumers each month. According to the social network, advertisers that join the network can reach 16% more consumers that if they advertised on Facebook alone.
In addition, the Audience Network has added a series of new publishers including Univision, Washington Post and FOCUS Online.
In a blog post, the company also claims that advertisers using the Audience Network can achieve more efficient campaigns. It notes an increase of 12% in conversions for web campaigns and a 17% increase in installs for mobile app campaigns.
One company that has benefitted is Visa, which promoted awareness of its Visa Checkout feature recently and increased its reach by 15% through Audience Network. Visa’s cost efficiency per acquisition also jumped 2.5x compared to an average campaign on Facebook.
Audience Network added support for video in summer last year. It now generates at least 10-second views for over two-thirds of its video impressions on the network.
Back in 2015, Facebook announced that the Audience Network was generating a $1bn annual run rate. However, the company hasn’t shared any financial specifics on the network.
Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook said in April 2016:

“We’re uniquely placed to bring people-based marketing to scale and solve the measurement problem, and the Audience Network is a place we’re really focused because we feel like we’re delivering value for advertisers and publishers, so we’re investing behind the growth we’ve seen.”

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