Facebook announces Creative Hub as well as new features for Slideshow and Canvas ads

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Facebook recently announced an Audience Insights API and has now added a Creative Hub as well as a series of enhancements to its Canvas and Slideshow ads.
As the use of mobile devices increase, people consume more content on their devices. As such creativity has become a vital part of driving a successful marketing campaign. However, staying up to date with the latest creative technologies and tool updates can be difficult. That’s where Facebook’s new Creative Hub comes in.
It’s essentially an online interface in a sandbox format where agencies can test various ad formats for online and mobile and test what works best. Since ad creation often happens on desktop, the Hub allows for ads to be tested in a dynamic mobile feed. Mock-ups can be shared through URLs.
Facebook announces Creative Hub
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At a formal announcement at Cannes, Facebook has announced updates to Canvas that make it easier to share them with parties reviewing the process. In addition, it has plans to roll out a new feed unit to help entice people to engage and has added new metrics such as dwell time per component and clicks per component to track Canvas performance.
Facebook adds new Canvas features

Source: facebook.com
In addition, Facebook has made Slideshow ads simpler for video creation and photos by allowing advertisers to edit and promote them within just a few seconds. Slideshows are a lot lighter in terms of data usage and hence are a great way to advertise to those with slower connection speeds.
Additions to Slideshow ads include audio and text overlays, a “video-to-slideshow” creation tool, the ability to create slideshows from mobile devices as well as integration with Pages Photo Library and Shutterstock stock imaging libraries. Ultimately, this makes it easier for those without production resources to customise their Slideshow ads.
Mark D’Arcy, Chief creative officer, Facebook, told Bloomberg:
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“No one has been able to crack mobile advertising. We’re still just in the beginning of the creative stages of mobile ads.”

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