Facebook announces changes to video ranking

Facebook announced that the company is making a series of changes to its video-ranking system to boost priority of original content.

In an effort to help smaller companies and content creators drive discovery of their videos, the social media network has made changes to three of its video ranking algorithms which have an effect on video distribution.

Among these discovery priorities are loyalty and intent. Ultimately, videos with views from returning audiences are more likely to get bumped up the list and receive higher weight towards their ranking.

Similarly, video viewing duration has been added as a key category with those capturing at least one minute of user attention now receiving more weight. In other words, videos which keep viewers engaged for longer are more likely to receive higher rankings.

Lastly, Facebook has added originality as a factor in how it distributes its videos. The company is more strongly limiting distribution and monetisation of videos which are shared by third-party sources instead of original creators.

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