Facebook has added new brand safety tools

Anne Freier | November 22, 2019

Mobile Advertising

Facebook is going to roll out a set of new brand safety tools that will let businesses control where their ads are placed across the network.

Brand safety and brand placements have become hot topics among marketers and advertisers following concerns by YouTube advertisers who found their ads placed alongside extremist content.

Facebook wants to avoid another advertising scandal and has been quick to roll out features to ensure brand safety. These new measures are another step towards ensuring that brands are placed near content they deem safe.

The social network will be adding a section within Business Manager and Ads Manager where advertisers can create blocklists and set filters.

Advertisers can now search for reports by account ID or publisher and don’t need to download a report.

Zefr has been added as a brand safety partner. The company provides contextual targeting for advertisers.

Facebook will also allow advertisers to white list their content for in-stream video ads.

“The long term goal is to have an incredibly robust ecosystem where businesses can sell their products, [and] consumers have the confidence to buy them and know what they’re getting, and so that’s the long-range plan and these are just a series of steps along that path. It’s a lot that we’re doing to get there,” explained Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s VP of global marketing solutions.

Earlier in 2019, Facebook launched an Inventory Filter that lets advertisers choose the level of protection they want for their ad placements.

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