EZmob CEO, Idan Kfir on Mobile Ad Format Innovation

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Posted: January 14, 2015

Idan Kfir, CEO at EZmob, has vast experience managing and consulting to brands agencies and networks on best practice when it comes to monetizing mobile traffic. We caught up with Idan to find out more about what EZmob offer mobile advertisers and what they think will be the biggest trends for the mobile advertising industry in 2015.

What is EZmob and how are you positioned in the market?

EZmob is a unique mobile advertising network with a strong focus on ad units that reach and engage users in a better way than standard mobile banners. We design and implement our own custom ad units that make campaigns generate more ROI for advertisers and a stronger eCPM for our publishers.

What types of new ad formats do you offer?

We support 3 type of ad units, all of which have one thing in common, our ad units do not require our publishers to remove existing ad units from their website and ‘clear space’ for them, with our ad units all you need to do is simply copy paste our tag to your website, we will then detect mobile users and display your chosen ad unit.
Our ad units:

  • A mobile alert which is a text based popup available on any type of browser or phone, which achieve over 15% CTR on average.
  • A bookmark ad units, which simulates a bookmark popup sliding from the top of the screen, and hovering at the bottom. Bookmark ad unit includes square logo and a line of text with a strong call to action.
  • Bookmark Banner – bookmark banner is simply a banner graphic ad contained within a bookmark container, this allows better engagement of users for banner ads and an additional ad unit for our publishers.

What types of clients and partners do you work with?

We directly connect with publishers and connect them to a selection of premium mobile networks, among our preferred partners you may find leading search, display and our direct advertisers.

How do you integrate with exchanges and programmatic platforms?

We connect to several exchanges to generate a high fill rate for our publishers, we use our bookmark banner ad unit to generate a strong supply of ads to fill in any country and operating system. including feature phones that support browsers.

What advantages do publishers get from your mobile ad formats and what sort of monetization uplift can they expect?

The simple fact is that publisher experience zero risks with trying out our network, simply because publishers are not required to remove their existing monetization partners and may integrate our ads on top that means publishers will still make the same ad revenue they are used to making, but now, will have an additional ad unit to monetize. Through us, publishers are able to keep monetizing their traffic through the banners they’ve always had on their site, but now in addition, publishers generate more revenue on the same volume traffic.

For advertisers, what’s the benefit of using different ad formats to the standard banner units?

We make mobile media buy a simpler task than usual. With our ad units advertisers still pay the same CPM rate as any other media buy, but get 10-15 times more clicks, this means more engagements from users and bottom line more conversions for our advertisers.

Native ads have been one of the big trends of 2014 on mobile do you consider EZmob to be part of this ?

We plan to launch our native SDK for both Android and iOS on Q1 2015 which will allow us to integrate to app developers and support the native trend.

What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?

Our main focus is english speakers, EU top countries and Asia.

What do you think the big trends in mobile ads are going to be for 2015?

we believe mobile publishers will move away from the standard ad units that have been pretty much copied from the dekstop world of online advertising and will move to mobile-friendly solution that really engage mobile users and not just puts something in front of them.

What mobile devices do you use?

I personally own an iPhone 6 as well as an Android Galaxy 4. I am a iOS fan since the start and do not plan to change anytime soon. 🙂

What’s your favourite app / mobile game?

My most used game app on my phone is Chess.com, after that I play on occasion 8 ball pool, 2048, Threes, and 1010! Other than games my most used leisure app is Reddit or Alien Blue.
Thanks Idan for the interesting insights. Head over to the EZmob website for more or check out the EZmob profile in our directory.

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