Epom Market DSP undertakes its 3rd big release: Native ads and Retargeting

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Posted: January 24, 2019

Epom announces the latest update for its self-serve programmatic DSP. It will allow media buyers to create native ads, experience retargeting and benefit from one of the fastest analytics in the industry.

The programmatic industry is evolving. During the last two years, marketing budgets that were invested in programmatic ads have steadily gone up. According to eMarketer, $31billion (84.1%) of mobile display ad dollars were transacted programmatically in 2018. The total number of programmatic video ad spendings have already surpassed $23 billion (81%).

Programmatic shares in video, mobile and in-app advertising are expected to grow even more by 2020. And this massive interest in programmatic media buying is reasonable. The traffic purchased from demand-side platforms is easier to access, better targeted and transparent for media buyers. Today with only one DSP in the toolbox, advertisers are able to reach millions of users all around the world.

Increasing demand for programmatic media buying has not only resulted in a higher income, but also resulted in bigger challenges for DSPs. Today demand-side platforms are expected to provide easy-to-use accounts with quality inventory, automated optimization algorithms and ultrafast analytics. DSPs that fulfill these requirements are more likely to have a greater share of all digital budgets. Epom Market DSP is one of them.

“Our main focus is to make media buying for performance campaigns simple and effective. We take feedback from our users very seriously, this is why the platform undergoes continuous betterment. The last release was one of the most important in our history,” – says Dmitry Chebakov, Product Manager at Epom Market DSP.

Let’s check the main improvements which the Epom Market DSP has brought into action.

Native ads are now available

From now on DSP users can set up, customize and run desktop, mobile and in-app native ads. This ad format ensures higher performance as well as a non-intrusive user experience.

The platform offers a variety of options for designing your native ads. For example, you may not only choose the size and width of ads but also you can create custom texts or download images to be displayed on them. This feature also allows you to manage the way ads appear on the user’s screen. The ability to run native ad campaigns through a DSP is a big step forward for media buyers.

Retargeting for getting your users back

Retargeting isn’t a newcomer in the advertising industry. However, not many DSPs can boast of having this option. And Epom Market DSP is now among the few.

This feature is a must-have for businesses focused on driving performance and sales. The fact is that customers do not always purchase on their first try. Sometimes you need to track them down and remind them yourself. Retargeting allows the gathering and segmentation of users that somehow interacted with your website or brand before and then bring them back to the point from where they have left.

The same you can do with Epom Market DSP. Within the platform, media buyers are able to create a special code (like a Facebook pixel) and add it to the website or on a specific landing page. Afterward, they’ll start gathering audiences that can be used for targeted ad campaigns at Epom Market DSP.

New targeting options for a more accurate setup

OS Version targeting

A new OS version targeting feature will improve your ad campaigns performance while also cutting down on ad spendings. The ability to target a specific OS version is crucial for promoting applications made for the newer operating systems. It ensures a positive outcome of all performance-based campaigns as different operating systems may drastically affect conversions.

Mobile Carrier targeting

In performance-based advertising, the ability to target specific mobile carriers may have a significant influence on conversions. The Epom Market DSP carrier targeting ensures that your ads are reaching the most relevant audience with your ad campaigns. You can add this targeting criterion to your campaign via Campaigns —> “Targeting Options”.

Other handy updates of the platform:

  • Real timestamp for conversions
  • Improved frequency capping
  • CIDR notation in IP filter added
  • Mobile device type detection based on user agent
  • Insufficient funds message is hidden for NET users
  • Full billing URL support for Open RTB 2.5

“One strong DSP can replace a dozen networks and save a lot of money for advertisers. DSPs drive an uncontested audience outreach, and they have the power to enhance any marketing strategy in 2019”, – adds Chebakov.

All aforementioned updates are already available in every Epom Market DSP account.

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