A new Mobile Ad Server platform from Epom

We often get people asking us for options for mobile ad servers and we’ve just found out about a new option coming out of Poland.  Epom is a technology platform for mobile ads that can be used by a range of different types of users:

  • App Developers and Publishers – can use the Epom ad server to sell ads directly or connect with other mobile ad networks
  • Advertisers – can manage campaigns and buy mobile advertising via the platform, connecting to the major exchanges
  • Mobile Ad Companies – Epom can power a mobile ad network or platform offering on a white label basis
It’s great to see new types of players emerging with technology solutions like this as we hear all the time that people are looking for platforms they can build mobile ad businesses on top of.  Epom have three main products for mobile – the Epom Mobile Ad Server and the Epom Market as well as the Unimobile service.
Epom Mobile Ad Server
The Epom Mobile Ad Server is the primary monetization and advertising partner for hundreds of different companies and its mobile serving technology allows publishers to run all types of ad formats on mobile devices including Smartphones, Tablets and other form factors.   The real benefit of Epom is that publishers or developers can use a single technology platform rather than cobbling together a lot of different SDKs or ad servers.  Fill rates are up to 100% as the Epom mobile ad server connects directly to other ad networks for inventory.
Below is a short ppt outlining some of the key features.

Epom supports JS, Iframe, and image tags and offers mobile-specific targeting options for targeting:

  • Geographic: city, state, country
  • Operating System/Platform: iOS, Android, etc.
  • Carrier/Carrier Type: AT&T, Verizon, WiFi, etc.
  • Creative Support.
  • Banner images and HTML5 rich media creatives [bullet]

Statistics are processed in real-time, so all clients have the full control on what is going on at any moment including a Graphical Dashboard and the ability to generate reports in Excel, CSV, HTML, and PDF formats.

Epom Market – Mobile ad network from Epom, global provider of ad serving solutions
Epom also operate Epom Market, which is a global mobile advertising network that connects Publishers with direct Advertisers, providing them with turnkey set of tools for monetizing their apps and mobile sites. Epom offers a variety of ad types and provide the highest CPMS, the highest fill rates.  According to Epom, CPMs are $1-2 across the network.  The network uses advanced ad units that can help advertisers with precise targeting and as a result deliver more engaged more audience.  The Epom market allows advertisers to create multiple campaigns, upload and launch easily and quickly.  The Epom technology optimizes the ads that are shown automatically to increase CPMs, clicks and other key metrics.

UniMobile solution
Unimobile is an interesting solution to a big problem.  If you are a publisher running a web-focused site what do you do with all the ad inventory from mobile users browsing your full site on their phones?  Serving up web banners just isn’t going to work on smaller devices, but the majority of mobile ad solutions are focused on mobile-optimized sites or apps.   What distinguishes Epom from other mobile ad networks is an exclusive technology UniMobile which is designed for non-mobile optimized web pages. Epom UniMobile has got a simple, yet effective algorithm in its core. As soon as you add a piece of code, the unique mechanism starts working. Any visitor, opening a site on a mobile device from a smartphone or tablet, is tracked, and the precise device model is defined automatically, leading to the display of ads, customized to this particular device size.  This could deliver a lot of value to publishers who aren’t currently monetizing mobile views effectively.

Anyway, great to see some new innovation in mobile coming out of Eastern Europe and not just Silicon Valley and it really seems like the technology stack for mobile is starting to fall into place as new suppliers start emerging.  Great news for the mobile ecosystem and the growth of mobile ads.

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