Epom Market Launches New Native Video Solution – Video Rich Media

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Posted: October 21, 2016

Epom Market has released an update to its platform introducing a new advertising format – video rich media. In contrast to existing video ad options (like pre-rolls and post-rolls) rich media offers better customization and interaction capabilities.  It is designed to be less distracting (mute option is available) and more engaging from the visitor’s perspective.
Desktop Video Ad Viewability Rate, %

According to Epom clients’ analytics, video rich media is far more effective for advertisers as it provides 100% ad viewability. Besides, video rich media ads  can seamlessly integrate into the content of the page, and, ad campaigns become easier to set up because no additional video players are needed.
Advertisers will benefit from multiple ad sizes and placements (top, bottom, middle, footer bar, interstitial and wrapper), as well as ample customization options including  varying quantity of video ads in a sequence, immediate or action-triggered display, animated ad entrance and exit, and control over the initial playback volume. What’s more, videos will always be played in their entirety and сan be branded to gain maximum nativity.
Publishers are expected to get eCPM rates of up to $8, as well as an opportunity to work exclusively with premium advertisers for this ad format.
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