Epom Market grows eCPM for mobile RTB publishers by 30%

Anne Freier | September 18, 2015

Mobile Advertising

Global ad network, Epom Market, recently expanded its product portfolio with the addition of high-impact mobile advertising formats. Having upgraded its platform in May 2015, it further improved its eCPM optimisation functionality, adding smart automation features to the workflow.

According to data collected over the last four months, these updates resulted in an increase of average monthly eCPM rates by 30% for publishers utilising the RTB platform to monetise their mobile sites.

Epom increases eCPM rates by 30%
Source: market.epom.com
In addition, positive results were fueled by Epom’s effective monetisation strategies that integrate high-quality demand-side platforms (DSPs).
The network’s mobile publishers benefit from ongoing demand for ad inventory provided by Epom Market’s over 60 DSP partners. The company says that this generates higher revenues and better creatives for premium and surplus ad space. In addition, publishers can set higher bid floors for their RTB deals.
Igor Korobka, Senior Ad Sales, Epom Market, says:

“We will collect more statistics to see, if the long-term results will be just as positive. We are very optimistic because this data proves that RTB is a mature market with outstanding potential. It provides a versatile tool for publishers who want to approach monetization in a more systematic way. For instance, publishers can either concentrate solely on RTB or combine real-time bidding with direct deals. As an ad network, we aim to help them find the approach that works best for them and provide every instrument they need to put their monetization strategy into action.”

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