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Posted: November 8, 2017

App owners and advertisers are always searching for the silver bullet to get more users & increase revenue. According to the recent Monetization Report of Unity, rewarded video ads were rated the most effective way to monetize apps. Rewarded video outranked not only other ad formats but also non-advertising tactics like in-app purchases and subscriptions.

Epom Apps is excited to announce the launch of this outstanding ad format to help publishers get the most from their application.

App developers are perfectly aware of the fact that the vast majority of users (over 95%) won’t pull out their wallet for an in-app purchase. With rewarded videos, developers can monetize the rest of their non-paying user audience.

Unlike distracting banner ads or interstitials, users only see rewarded ads when they choose to, and they earn in-game perks just for participating. For example, a person may earn extra moves for watching a 15-second video.
Rewarded Video Ads features

Rewarded video ad format has already spread widely across the mobile gaming industry, but it doesn’t mean it won’t work for other apps. Here are a few tips on how to integrate rewarded video ads into your app monetization strategy. We’ll start with the best practices for gaming apps.

Rewarded video ads could best fit in:

Home screen

Use this placement if you want to target new players and those who’re most likely to never purchase from your in-game store. You can insert an ad following the completion of a level to ensure high visibility.

Game Store

This is yet another ad spot if you want to target non-paying players. But you’ll have to be careful not to distract the actual customers from the purchase.

Daily Reward Multiplier

This is the most engaging placement for returning players as it offers them a daily reward for coming back after they watch a short commercial.

The level complete reward

Offer your players an extra reward for completing a mission if they watch a video.

Progress Saving

Let your players restart from where they’ve failed after they watch a video. Most of them will be happy to do that instead of having to start over again.

Give Some Hints

This tip will work best for arcade games. Give your users secret tips to help them move through the game in exchange for engaging with an ad.

Energy and Life Renewal

If your game has a life-renewal mechanic offer your audience more energy/life for watching an ad.

Decrease the Wait Time

Gamers hate to wait for a chance to continue playing. To decrease the waiting period ask them to watch a rewarded video.
As we’ve mentioned previously, non-gaming applications can still benefit from rewarded video ads and generate revenue, and we’ll uncover the best practices to implement it.  

Limited premium model

If your app has a premium/paid version give your users a chance to try it for a short while for free after they watch the video. This will not only help them see the benefits of the premium version but will also help you monetize non-paying users

Solve user’s pain

Some users want a feature which the app does not provide. If the development of it will cost less than the expected income, consider offering it. Users may be perfectly willing to have it in exchange for watching a rewarded video ad.

Unlock special features with virtual currency

Users who are not willing to pay for certain app features are more than ready to view a rewarded video ad to unlock them.
These were just a few quick tips on rewarded video ad placement. To capitalize on this top-performing ad format use it alongside with others to get the most out of your app.
Visit Epom Apps to try rewarded video and an array of other mobile ad units.

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