Epic’s VR Editor lets you edit Unreal Engine games in virtual reality

Andy Boxall

In App Development. March 30, 2016


Epic Games has released a preview of its VR Editor software, which was announced back in February. Discussed during the GDC 2016 event, the editor allows developers to use the Unreal Editor in virtual reality, relying on motion controllers to shift objects and interact with the dashboard.

The VR Editor is an add-on for Unreal Engine 4, and comes with the same interface and system, so developers will be familiar with it before slipping on the VR headset. It’s currently compatible with HTC Vive and its motion controllers, plus Oculus Rift and the Oculus Touch controllers.

See how VR Editor works in this short demo video

A demonstration video showing VR Editor’s capabilities was released a short while ago, where we see real-time objects being moved around and duplicated, an in-VR control panel being used, all using the familiar UI.

Developers more interested in the full version than the preview out now, may need to wait until June for a full release. Epic’s VR Editor is available through the company’s GitHub page here.