Engagement with user-generated content boost eCommerce conversions by 137%

Anne Freier | April 18, 2019

App Business

User-generated content is a key driver of the shopping experience with 64% of shoppers considering reviews, ratings and questions and answers when making a purchasing decision. Engagement with user-generated content also generated a 137% conversion lift, according to new research from Bazaarvoice.

Based on an analysis of 6,000 websites and a survey of 500 brands and retailers and 2,000 consumers, the latest Shopper Experience Index revealed that brands which make use of user-generated content had a 157% lift in revenue per visitor.

The findings demonstrate that shoppers want human interaction when making a transaction online. Indeed, engagement with question and answer sections led to a 114% conversion lift and 120% RPV lift. Shoppers also tend to buy 4x more on pages which include answered questions.

With mobile now forming an integral part of the online shopping experience, many retailers may not yet be taking the opportunity seriously. 57% of all page views across the Bazaarvoice Network occurred on mobile devices and engagement with user-generated content on mobile resulted in 136% conversion lift.

Impact of ratings and reviews on key value drivers according to brands. (Bazaarvoice)

“The sheer volume of shopping activity we see across the Bazaarvoice Network gives us a unique perspective into consumer behaviour,” explained Bazaarvoice CRO Joe Rohrlich. “We publish the Shopper Experience Index to give brands and retailers insight into the impact of ratings and reviews on how shoppers discover, evaluate, and purchase products, and to highlight key trends and areas of opportunity for the broader industry.”

Visual content is now more important than ever before in driving the online shopping experience with 59% of brands and retailers already featuring photos and videos from customers.

In addition, 44% of US consumers become frustrated when retailers do not provide a personalised experience and 38% say they won’t return to an online retailer that recommends products which don’t make sense to them.

Furthermore, the majority of Bazaarvoice clients plan to integrate social media and online shopping experiences over the next 12-18 months.

Interestingly, when brands syndicated reviews to retailers the median increase in reviews per product was 83% higher than for those without syndication. Meanwhile, half of Bazaarvoice retailers source 65% or more reviews from brands.

Percentage of brands and retailers agreeing that featuring visual user-generated content in the shopping experience does the following. (Bazaarvoice)

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