Engagement with sponsored influencer posts doubled during lockdowns

Anne Freier | August 26, 2020


Although marketing budgets generally decreased during the COVID pandemic economic aftermath, engagement with influencer content doubled.

Research by Shareablee found that interactions with sponsored posts reached 57 million in July compared to March 2020, a rise of 5x.

It highlights the effect of a higher number of mobile and app users spending time online during lockdowns.

But general influencer posts declined 12% during the second quarter of the year.

One marketing expert said that things initially went quiet on the influencer marketing front during March, but there’s been a strong resurgence in interest.

“Brands took a few weeks to figure out how to position themselves for a new world. Now I’m seeing probably 5 times the outreach I was seeing pre-pandemic. Small brands, large brands, new brands, everyone,” said Melissa Rosenthal, co-founder at Circle.

Influencers are arguably providing a niche way to reach audiences during these uncertain times and marketers have gained wind of their potential.

Similar studies have previously highlighted that influencer campaigns on social networks declined just 3% during Q1 2020 and that campaing levels have since returned to normal.

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