Engagement on Facebook and Snapchat continues to decline

Engagement on Facebook has fallen slightly by three minutes in 2018 and is unlikely to recover in 2019, according to new eMarketer insights.

The research firm published revised engagement rates for Facebook after the social media network has promoted changes to the way content should be consumed across its site.

Adults in 2019 are expected to spend around 38 minutes a day using the platform across all devices. In 2020, daily time spent on the platform is expected to drop to 37 minutes.

Although these adjustments appear small they may have an effect on advertisers and consumer engagement with ads across the site.

Debra Aho Williamson, a principal analyst at eMarketer, expects the loss in users to be driven by the younger generation, but also Facebook’s downranking of clickbait post and videos to promote healthier social media time.

“Less time spent on Facebook translates into fewer chances for marketers to reach the network’s users,” Williamson added.

Meanwhile, engagement on Snapchat has levelled out. eMarketer had previously projected a rise in the time spent on the platform, but users have become weary of the app’s redesign and are flocking to Instagram instead.

Time spent on Snapchat is expected to remain at 26 minutes a day until 2021.

Instagram appears to be in a much stronger position with user time expected to grow, reaching 27 minutes in 2019. Time spent is likely to increase by one minute each year until 2021.

The rise in engagement is likely driven by features such as Stories, video and also influencer content.