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Appnext, one of the leading monetization and discovery networks for mobile and social games, have recently got in touch with us to share some tips about effective monetization via mobile advertising. Appnext has particular expertise in the game industry, and as part of its solution implements high quality interstitial ad formats into campaigns that are focused on increasing and maintaining user engagement.
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How to Monetize your User Base – If you are an app developer who is currently enjoying moderate success after launching your app in the AppStore/Google Play Store, you may be looking for effective and non-intrusive ways to monetize your growing user base. With over a million apps available in just these two app stores alone all using different tools and methods of monetization, it can be tricky to figure out effective monetization methods that don’t negatively affect the user experience of your app. Here’s a round-up of Appnext’s best tools and tips:
Diversification in Monetization – The first step to a successful monetization strategy that also keeps in mind the user experience is to diversify the methods that you are using. Paid advertising campaigns aren’t the only effective way to market your app, you can reach new audiences by making the most out of free channels such as social media, blogs, and gaming forums. The same approach can be taken to monetization, by working with a couple of networks and channels at the same time you can determine which methods work best for you and you aren’t solely reliant on one source.
Compare and Evaluate your Tools – Whatever monetization tools you are choosing to use its important to compare and evaluate them to choose the most effective ones on a long term basis. In order to this you will need a clear estimate of your eCPM (revenue generated for every 1000 impressions of an ad in your apps). With a correct assessment of what this revenue is, you can objectively compare the tools you are using.
Choosing the Best Ad Format – For display advertising in your app you can usually expect to choose from two formats: Banner ads and Rich Media ads.
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  • Banners are relatively straightforward, they are designed to fit standard MMA and IAB sizes and can be relatively easy to implement and generate high impressions. The main drawbacks of banner ads is the negative effect they can have on the gaming experience and the user experience. Because of this, despite banners producing high impressions they don’t always produce the same high volumes of click rates due to the intruisivness of the format.
  • Rich media ads (videos, interstitials and other UX focused formats) also have their own drawbacks, namely video ads are cumbersome and just as intruistive to users. However, interstiaitls and full page ads can provide in-app advertising in a more engaging and user focused way. Interstitials or full page ads can be shown during the transition stages of a game, such as between levels or at the end of the game, when users are actually a lot more open to suggestions. User satisfaction and app rating points can be maintained with interstitials, and currently advertsiers are willing to pay higher prices for them than the more standard advertising formats.

For more information about Appnext and their mobile ad solutions check out the website or find them on Twitter or Facebook.

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