How To Earn Money On A Mobile Website: A Crash Course Into Self-serve Monetization

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Posted: November 28, 2016

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With a constant growth of mobile audience it becomes apparent that mobile traffic monetization is crucial for every money-focused website owner. A recent study shows that 76% of internet access is from mobile in 2016, and it’s not about to stop growing. Adapting tp  mobile is no longer a question, but a necessity. Therefore, there is no better time to take mobile traffic monetization under control of the publisher, or, to be more precise, to enter the waters of self-serve.
Taking a closer look at self-serves
Self-Serve platforms allow to get a full access to all the monetization processes. Users can choose the best verticals, get fast payouts, can track their efficiency and manage their inventory themselves. Moreover, you can earn some money on mobile even without huge volumes of traffic. Yet, to reach real income, you’ll have to develop clear understanding of which platforms, solutions, and methods can help you maximize your revenue. So, how should one use all the existing opportunities to the fullest?
User is the King
The monetization strategy should be based on the sole question: what will a user like? Mobile users are using their devices whenever and wherever they want, opening the opportunity to reach them any place and anytime. Therefore the understanding of who, when, and why is interested in your mobile website becomes the cornerstone of successful monetization. The bare minimum one should understand about mobile website’s audience includes the following:

  • If one’s users are approximately aged between 20 and 30, then which ad shows better eCPM: 4Free Health Pro for blood pressure estimation or Candy Crush Saga?
  • Applying gender and age range to verticals helps to increase eCPM by 385%. Women aged between 25 and 30 and men aged between 18 and 20 are completely different audiences, after all.
  • Where do you find your users? Geotargeting offers additional opportunities for advertising, so if you can define where are your users located, your website could become a great match for certain advertisers. Applying geo to verticals helps to increase eCPM by 238%.

Choosing the platform
When choosing the platform, one should take into account the following:

  1. Ad formats diversity. The more — the better.
  2. Fill rate.
  3. Integration process should be as easy as possible.
  4. You don’t have to contact your manager for every action. Placement monetization should be launched automatically.
  5. Personalization options. This includes targeting, various customization opportunities, account stats, etc.
  6. Tracking and analytics.

Generating revenue: which ad formats are the most effective?
So you have chosen the platform. The next step is getting familiar with ad formats. There is no ultimate solution for every website. Yet there are several aspects to focus on.

  1. Mobile ad formats efficiency can vary for different websites with different content. Here is the example of how the CTR varies for one of the clients of Clickky’s Self-Serve Platfrorm for publishers. Catfish has demonstrated the highest CTR, while fullscreen has shown the lowest. As for accumulated data of all platform users. expandable wins the race, doubling the CTR of catfish ad format.
  2. Mobile ad platform offers a limited number of formats, and they all might not be the right fit for your website.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to experiment with alternative solutions and explore additional ad formats. If your current platform offers video, fullscreen, pop-up, and banner ads, it might be beneficial to try to add another one with other formats to your inventory: catfish, dialog, expandable, etc.  Explore all the opportunities various ad formats have to offer.
Yet user experience is the key to successful monetization. Currently the most integrated type of mobile ads is native advertising. It is easy to adapt this format to the website’s design. Furthermore, at Clickky we offer the opportunity to create custom formats for huge publishers.
With the most recent changes in Google’s algorithm, it is easy to predict that in 2017 native ads will be again rocking the market.
The mobile market is constantly growing, so it is wise to stay ahead of innovations, implementing revenue-generating ones. For example interactive button from GPMD, survey-banner and selfie-banner by iVengo Mobile, Mobile In-text ads from Clickky. Don’t miss any monetization opportunities and get full advantage from the wide variety of mobile ad formats. Just be wise to stop before you overload your website with ads.
The bottom line
Successful monetization of a mobile website includes the following 3 factors:
Users are the ones who bring you money. Learn who they are, what do they like, and where do they live. Age, gender, location, and interests are the things you should be aware of.

  1. Self-serve platform.

Don’t become limited by the platform’s boundaries. If you would like to gain access to more ad formats, integrate with additional solutions to monetize your website to the fullest.

  1. Mobile ad formats.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try different mobile ad formats. Monitor new solutions. Maximize your revenue and get the most from every new opportunity on the market.
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