Downloads are much higher for apps featured in the App Store during weekdays

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. October 30, 2017

Apple recently introduced daily spotlights on selected apps across its revamped App Store. Although the feature seems like a nice addition and certainly makes app discovery easier for many users, it’s not entirely clear what the roll-out does for developers. What does it mean for a developer to be featured on the App Store?
App intelligence platform Apptopia sought to find out. The company took a closer look at featured apps for a month to find out how this may benefit app publishers.
According to the findings, featured apps performed better than featured gaming apps in terms of downloads (see graphic above). At the same time, weekday features tend to perform better than weekend ones. And unsurprisingly, free apps and games tend to be downloaded more than paid apps.
Apptopia also estimates that established apps, e.g. the Starbucks app, only receive a few more downloads when being featured compared to newer apps. People may already be using the app or are aware of the fact that the company has its own app.
In addition, apps that featured among the top 20 in a certain category only got a download boost of around 44% for non-gaming apps and 37% for games.
The report notes that 19 featured apps were actually unranked prior to appearing in the overall charts, jumping 1,000 rank spots. Among games, 10 apps were unranked and the average jump was 321 spots.
COO and Founder of Apptopia, Jonathan Kay has previously raised the question of whether Apple actually wants to help aid in the discovery of smaller apps. It appears the App Store is being overly cautious by featuring only apps that already received an average 5,000 downloads a day and half of the apps featured were found to be making $10,000 in daily revenue before being featured.