DoubleVerify launches new media authentication tools for mobile video and display ads

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. July 19, 2016

double verify
DoubleVerify, which authenticates the quality of digital media, has launched a new suite of media authentication solutions called IQ Advanced Solutions. In a statement, the company says the new product aims to offer better transparency as well as performance for video and display ads on mobile and desktop.
DV Pinnacle evaluates the quality of each impression
The company adds that the tools will offer an added level of digital ad fraud protection in new areas including ad injection. Injected ads are malware-inserted impressions on a user’s browser or app without owner consent, overlaying other ads. Around 15% of ad impressions are coming through such injections, says DoubleVerify.
The new tools comply with the Invalid Traffic Detection guidelines by the MRC.
IQ Advanced technology encompasses DV Viewability Advanced – a feature that lets marketers evaluate their video and display viewability in-app. DV’s Fraud Advanced has been created to combat site fraud and non-human bot traffic including ad injection.
The first clients to run IQ Advanced Solutions as part of their own programmatic and inventory trading platforms are DataXu, SpotX, Tremor Video and Visible Measures.
Wayne Gattinella, CEO of DoubleVerify, says:
wayne gattinella

“We are squarely focused on cracking the viewability challenges and latest fraud schemes that undermine our clients’ digital investments and program success.”