Dot Com Infoway rolls out Apple Watch app marketing services

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Partner Post - Dot Com Infoway Apple Watch App Marketing

Posted: July 31, 2015

Dot Com Infoway, the app developer and marketing agency, has launched its Apple Watch App Marketing suite, to help app developers launch their campaigns for the popular wearable.
Dot Com Infoway launches Apple Watch App Marketing 
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Designed specifically for the Apple Watch, App Marketing supports end-to-end services for better app visibility and discovery to drive app downloads on the Watch. With 15 years of experience across 2,000 projects, the latest DCI solution features a pre-launch strategy consultation, that includes help on how to set up a campaign for best visibility as well as app store optimisation to ensure best usage of metadata. The tool further fully evaluates the feasibility of an ad to fit an Apple Watch screen elegantly. Additional marketing strategies include promotional contests, social media offers as well as organised giveaways to help drive ROI.
C.R. Venkatesh, CEO and managing director at DCI, says:

“We realized, earlier than many of our competitors, that wearable tech created new opportunities to serve consumers, but app developers and those consumers alike weren’t getting the launch and PR buzz they deserved. With the kind of deep industry expertise that we have, we knew that we were poised to craft the kind of campaigns that really work for the Apple Watch. They create real value for both the products and the developers who deliver them.”

Indeed, the wearables market which is currently worth $20bn, is estimated to increase to $80bn by 2020. Apple holds a 75% market share in smartwatches as of Q2 2015 and despite competition, the company is likely to remain a dominant player in the area.
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Jacoh LLC, the company behind Wear Reader, an app that lets you speed read on-the-go, recently tested DCI’s App Marketing. In its latest case study, DCI reports:
As a result of the innovative and sustained promotional campaigns undertaken by Dot Com Infoway, the Wear Reader app rose to number 2 in the download rankings in the Books section of the US iTunes store. Its download numbers showed a significant increase over its previous sales figures.
Dot Com Infoway embraces new approaches to marketing and is one of the few companies offering a niche promotional solution for the Apple Watch. We expect to see more companies entering this space over the coming months but for now this is one of the first live examples on the market.

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