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Partner Post - Mpire Network Performance marketing that outperforms

Posted: October 24, 2017

With Halloween just around the corner everyone’s minds are focused on all things frightening, from Pennywise the clown, to Godzilla brides and everything in between. Here at Mpire Network, our minds are set on ad fraud – a frightening topic for some if you aren’t prepared.
In the online advertising industry, the threat of fraud is ever present. An end user traverses a horde of SSPs, ad exchanges, DSPs and ad networks in the milliseconds between clicking on an ad and reaching the advertiser. This fragmentation makes the supply chain murky and complex which is the perfect environment for fraud to flourish.
With ad fraud having an annual bill to the tune of $8.2 billion in the US alone, make sure you are doing everything possible to protect yourself from all invalid traffic (IVT), including ad fraud.
Click here for Mpire’s tips on minimizing the impact of IVT.

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