Dmitrii Zotov: Our Mission is to Change Affiliate Marketing Industry

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Partner Post - Affise Performance Marketing Software

Posted: August 1, 2017

Today we would like to share with you a success story of Dmitrii Zotov, the founder of Affise Performance Marketing Platform. With over 10 years’ experience in the affiliate marketing industry Dmitrii has a profound background in creating and developing affiliate programmes and traffic analysis platforms as a software engineer. Having passed the way through media buying and working as a CTO & CEO of his own affiliate networks, Dmitrii is now a real expert in all the spheres of the industry.

Dmitrii, your experience in affiliate marketing is really impressive. How did it happened that you came up with an idea to create your own performance marketing platform?

Working in affiliate marketing industry has become an integral part of my life since 2006. Now I have a background of a great number of successful projects in different spheres of affiliate marketing as a software engineer as well as a CEO of my own affiliate networks. And I know all the pains and difficulties affiliate networks face day by day. Each time, working on a new affiliate programme I was wondering which tracking solution would be the best option for the campaign, but each time I faced the imperfections of the solutions existed on the market. Thus we’ve come up with a dream to create the most efficient solution for affiliate networks that would meet all their requirements and needs. 2015 has become the year we started to make that dream come true with the mission to change the way affiliate marketers operate and the industry in whole. And now our customers have an opportunity to enjoy the results of our efforts and experience in Affise software.

You mentioned that your mission is to change the affiliate marketing industry. What problems do you see in it and how are you going to solve them?

Affiliate marketing industry has been waiting for new technological solutions for quite a long time. And now we can see the results of some changes that are already happening in the industry: the number of platforms that are designed to manage and optimize affiliate marketing results is growing steadily. So we’ve decided to create a new, convenient, and what is the most important, highly technological platform, that in some time would become a standard for affiliate marketing. Besides, on the basis of new technologies we’ve completely changed the pricing policy of the industry. So even now we could notice that we’ve already broken the ice, and other softwares that are competing with us in this niche are starting to adopt and implement our solutions and innovations into their platforms.

What major problems do you see affiliate networks are facing today?

Actually, I don’t see many problems regarding the work of affiliate networks: it is highly growing industry with hundreds percents’ increase. Surely, each step of its development is accompanying with the difficulties that are common for one or another step of evolving. The market is growing and becoming smarter year after year, the entry threshold is getting higher. But I guess that it’s normal and motivate companies to move forward to a better results.

And what about Fraud? As it’s also supposed to be one of the major problems in affiliate industry. Do you believe there is a way to fight back an affiliate fraud issue the industry is struggling with?

Well, it goes without saying that Fraud is not just an ordinary business, it is a real industry that earns billions of dollars a year. And of course fraud activity is a problem both for advertisers and affiliate networks. It undermines the authority of traffic sources. As a result, either the networks themselves or advertisers lose a part their profit. Luckily, there are a lot of companies and services that are aimed at antifraud protection. The number of such services is growing immensely, and they cover different niches of affiliate marketing industry,  including fraud protection in performance marketing and mobile marketing. So I believe that there is a way to struggle with fraud. But you should also understand that fraud business is a business that is developing faster that antifraud one. It always one step forward and we are catching up to struggle it. What about Affise, we are integrated with Forensiq, FrаudScore and 24metrics, which are the leading ad fraud detection and prevention services.

Can you think of ways of applying Machine Learning technologies to improve mobile ad network operations?

Well, applying Machine Learning technologies is a trend in any industry, including affiliate marketing. It is widely used by progressive companies dealing first of all with displaying online advertising such as ad networks, demand-side platforms and so on. But affiliate platforms’ developers are also following the stream and implementing Artificial Intelligence and new technologies into their solutions. In the end, we are all competing for a user. And as new technologies can help us to boost our performance, it’s evident that we should take advantage of it.

From your personal experience what are the main tips for successful mobile advertising?

To be competitive in advertising first of you have to concentrate on advertiser’s aspirations and needs: the more you plunge into the market the advertiser operates in, the more you understand it. That’s why it is crucial to think wider and deeper, gather all the possible data, analyze correlations, and so on. Tracking each advertising campaign at all the stages of Sales Funnel is also very important. If you understand the behavior of one click of a potential client to the final point, it will bring you and your advertiser to a way much profit. And even if you suppose that your advertising campaigns are already profitable, there is always room for improvement. For example, a lot of affiliate marketers tend to forget about working with their own traffic for defining audience segments and further retargeting. So as a good affiliate marketer you should know everything about your traffic and be able to reuse the information gathered about users up to several times. And the last, but not the least important tip from me is to build great relationships with all the partners and clients. Be a friend to them, care about them and success will not  be long in coming.

What do you think is the main secret of your success?

I strongly believe that one of the key factors of the success in any business is people, their desire to achieve more and willing to work hard. As Affise is a technological platform, first of all we try to find real professionals in software development and engineering, who will bring their expertise to creating most innovative solutions in the sphere. Beside, we have a great Support team, that is always there for our clients trying to solve all their problems occurring in their working life 24/7. We should be so lucky to have such a dedicated and energetic team that is driving to one and the same direction, and this direction is called Success.