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Posted: January 19, 2015

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dmg is a digital performance advertising platform, specializing in running global, cross channel campaigns for advertisers and publishers. Moran Guy is Director of dmg’s Mobile Client Division and has significantly contributed to dmg mobile’s foundation and great success.
Across all demographics the mobile phone has become an extension of the users’ physical being. Yet, most brands still don’t put their money where their consumers are. This is bound to change: 2015 will be the year of the consumer and the mobile trends will reflect the industry’s growing arsenal of technology targeted at gathering as much Intel about the user as possible.
The Media Supplier
It all comes down to data and who has the most of it. Google, Facebook, Amazon and other key players hold significant volumes of data about users. Regardless of the increasing awareness on the users’ side, the data these companies have about us is bound to grow more and faster. We will see significant focus on location based advertising. Together, our physical movement and content consumption will take advertising to the next level. With the pursuit of the need to understand user behavior, multi-channel engagement will become more central. In addition, we will continue to see the rise of automatic bidders as the focus on impressions is expected to grow.
The Consumer
Consumers are aware of privacy issues like never before, nevertheless, they reveal and share more about themselves. In the coming year we will see a better consumers-advertisers ecosystem. Consumers are looking for their own type of ROI and once the advertisers will step up their targeting game, they will engage more with ads. This in turn will provide more data which will allow advertisers to target and re-target even better. In order to manage consumer data effectively, DMPs (Data Management Platforms) are guaranteed to grow. These software solutions provide a layer of marketing data-management that spans across many different systems and channels; a solution that is a must in today’s cross-channel reality. As consumers engage more with native ads rather than traditional banners, we will see more native ads blending into the content consumers are exposed to, especially on mobile. We will also see more emphasis on rich media for mobile devices from advertisers, specifically concerning video ads. Pre and post-roll video ads can provide a richer branding experience. The equation is simple; more engagement equals higher conversion rates.
The Product
Mobile web or Mobile apps – which one will dominate the market? Each one has its benefits. We will see that 2015 will be the year in which one of them will surpass the other. More brands are expected to spend more of their budgets on mobile since it is more scalable and engaging. This enables the brands to get personal with their consumers.
The growing usage of smart-mobile devices steered early forecasts about apps mainly on how they will conquer the world; these predictions quickly became reality. Apps and mobile devices were connected from day one so it should come as no surprise that some of the predictions mentioned below are a consequence of the changes in the mobile industry; more specifically the growth of native advertising and the expected adoption of wearable tech by consumers. As in mobile advertising, next year’s main focus will be on the relationship between the product and the consumer.
Pre targeted ads is the “real time” of 2015. Ads using data to predict the consumer’s preferences with relevant ads presented while the consumer is on the purchasing stage. For example – if a newspaper is trying to drive paid subscriptions by advertising to those who have started reading a few articles for free, it could use the topics of the articles they have already read to recommend articles that are behind the paywall. This ability will not only encourage conversion but also encourage the consumer to make a very specific choice.
We will see more and more efforts to run effective, retargeted app promotion that will increase developers’ ROI and grow user engagement. Retargeting will include anything from targeting “similar users”, to users who un-installed the app, through to the entire usage funnel.
Deep Links Marketing
What happens if the end user is exposed to an ad that promotes an app that is already installed on his device? 2015 will be the year in which these kinds of ads won’t be a waste, but a great opportunity to navigate the user to the exact page on which the developer wants the user to be. We will see more and more efforts on the developer side to control the way an app is being used by navigating its users to the relevant pages. Think of “trip advisor” users who are redirected to relevant locations in a specific destination for example.
Looking at the above, 2015 is going to be a year of new products presented on new platforms with a much larger data consumption on the user’s side. The developers not only have to come up with top notch products, but also take advantage of new ad tech features. As technology evolves and improves the targeting capabilities, careful consideration about where and to whom to target is crucial.
Thanks to Moran for the insights and you should head over to the dmg website for more or check out the dmg profile in our directory.

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