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Partner Post - Dejavu Technology White Label Advertising Server

Posted: July 12, 2016

Among all the advertising platforms in the market, how can I choose the best? How can I identify the one that better fits my business and trade needs? How can I find in these highly competitive market, the perfect solution to raise my incomes?
Dejavu Technology Ltd offers the complete tool to grow your online ad-exchange business. Thanks to our White Label advertising server, the professional who rents it, will be able to manage all their online traffic, that is web, mobile or In App, getting more revenues and widening its advertising network.
Our ad platform is the perfect device for all the professionals that want to create and grow their own advertising network.
Dejavu Technology – white label advertising server
dejavu technology
The one who rents it, will be able to register and manage an unlimited number of publishers, developers and advertisers, working together inside the platform, and all their websites, applications and advertising campaigns.
The administrator of the platform will be the only manager of the entire network, with the duty of checking the quality of the traffic sent by his publishers and all the advertising campaigns of his advertisers, in order to create the best ad network on the market and offer quality and profitable traffic trades.
An important feature of White Label to widen the affiliation network is the referral program.
All the publishers, indeed, can invite other publishers to register inside the platform through their affiliation link. This code creates a connection between these two professionals and the referent will obtain a percentage on the revenues of his affiliate, offered and set by the network’s administrator.
The White Label affiliation platform, permit the growth of the entire ad network, with the possibility to raise publishers revenues, admin incomes and advertisers presence inside the online market.

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