Disney Plus already among top 10 video streaming apps

Anne Freier | March 20, 2020

App Business

The Disney Plus streaming app launched late last year in November 2019, but has already featured among the top 10 video streaming apps in the US for iOS and Google Play.

In December 2019, Disney Plus ranked as the 6th most downloaded app for non-gaming apps globally and it hasn’t even launched in Europe yet. It was the 9th most downloaded streaming app in the Netherlands in January 2020.

According to an App Annie round-up, Netflix continues to lead the streaming app charts. It was the second most downloaded video streaming app by time spent in the UK, France and Germany.

Disney Plus is benefitting from Netflix’s demand and has persuaded 25% of US iPhone users to download its service.

It’s evident that users do not tend to choose a single streaming app, but instead use multiple ones.

Generally, Disney Plus and other entertainment apps saw their session lengths increase.

The Covid-19 pandemic is likely to lead to further entertainment app growth as more users are spending time indoors viewing content on their mobile devices.

In China, app usage spiked during February 2020 whilst people were on lockdown with games growing 79%, entertainment apps rising 39%, photo and video apps up 35% and social apps up 27%.

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