Digital marketers and content creators are in high demand reflecting an industry in change

Digital marketing experts are now the most sought after hires, according to a new report from McKinley Marketing Partners. The study surveyed over 300 marketing directors, managers, consultants and C-level executives to discuss hiring trends within marketing departments.
The report reveals that digital advertising (27%), content creation (23%) and graphic design (14%) are roles in top demand within digital marketing, whilst those less in demand include project management and user interface.
The most sought after skills for a marketing role include digital marketing, content creation and curation, graphic design, but also customer relationships and experience management as well as market research and product management.
Around 45% of company marketing budgets were allocated to staff with the remainder being split between vendor costs and non-staff related costs. The majority of marketers surveyed to no plan to cut back on hires (78%) in 2017. The remaining 22% said they would make cuts. Surprisingly, just 7% are interested in looking at automating job functions which would contribute to a change of their 2017 hiring plans.
Overall, companies are planning to hire more marketers in 2017 (44%) than in 2016 (28%), reflecting the rise of digital and mobile marketing over the last few years. The main factor which impacts hiring is company growth (52%). Smaller companies are naturally a little more apprehensive to hire staff this year, whilst medium sized companies are planning to boost their marketing staff the most.
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Digital marketing is the most sought after skill among those companies hiring this year with skills such as communication, creative services, marketing operations and product marketing in demand. Creative services is the second largest area of hiring (35%), followed by marketing operations (27%) and communications (25%). McKinley says that it expects the growth in digital marketing hires to continue for the next few years.
When asked about current demand and supply for talent, marketing departments generally have more demand for talent in all but three areas. These are relationship management, product marketing and traditional marketing. Here, demand and supply either stagnate or supply outweighs the demand. Talent shortage is apparent in digital marketing.
If you’re looking to hire new talent, salary increases are the main motivation for marketers to switch jobs (45%), followed by career advancements (25%).
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Marketing departments tend to look for employees with one to three years of experiences, whilst those fresh out of university are less desirable. Senior level marketing roles within traditional marketing are non-existent, with overall senior level jobs less in demand.
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It seems that digital marketers are set to have a good year. However, other skills are still sought after and present various opportunities.
Michelle Boggs, President and CEO of McKinley Marketing Partners, concludes:

“While the advent of new tools makes it easier to quantify results the basic tenets of marketing still stand: prove value to stakeholders and differentiate from the competition. As digital marketing continues to grow, marketers have a tremendous opportunity to make a lasting, positive impact.”

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