Digital and mobile social media marketing strategies are preferred for product launch campaigns

Anne Freier | November 28, 2016

Mobile Advertising

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74% of marketers are now preferring to use social media to advertise their top five product launch channels. That’s according to new research from marketing communications firm Five by Five which recently took a closer look at social media marketing.
Launch campaign marketing is a distinct form of advertising and not to be dismissed for campaign marketing, according to 80% of industry experts. Indeed, it defines the unique step in launching a new product or rebranding and repositioning brand campaigns.
Social media on mobile and other devices is a top channel for product launches
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According to the research, social media offers advertisers a more agile channel for launches and allows them to collect feedback in real-time. That means campaigns can be adjusted and fine tuned based on such insight.
But usage is split across countries. More marketers in the US (79%) and the UK (75%) are considering social media for launches compared to those in Australia (51%). On average, Australian advertisers chose just 3.6 communication channels for their top five, compared to 4.5 for the UK and 4.4 in the US. Perhaps this suggests a lack of marketing tool diversity in the country.
US and UK running the most social media campaigns for launches
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Among the benefits which marketers consider when opting for social campaigns, awareness generation of an upcoming product launch ranked highest at 46%, followed by encouraging users to share their opinions about a new product or service (24%). In addition, some marketers are using social to suss out consumer preferences ahead of a product launch (15%), whilst others are measuring the success of a launch (11%).
What marketers get out of social media advertising
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However, it’s not all rosy. 40% of marketers consider ineffective marketing communications to be a top three reason for failure to launch. So what makes launch campaigns a success? Measurement is certainly an important factor for most advertisers. In addition, awareness and consumer satisfaction are considered among the top two important launch marketing metrics in the UK and USA.
Whilst launch campaigns are certainly exciting, they are also difficult to get right. It’s important that marketers consider the help of experts in configuring the best channels for their needs.

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