Different Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit From Having a Mobile App

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Posted: April 11, 2017

There is a quite established cliche that mobile apps are meant only for large companies such as – Bank of America, Walmart and Coca Cola etc. Mobile apps are not only beneficial for large companies, but even small companies can make effective use of them. More and more small/medium sized companies are following the mobile trend and interacting with their customers through mobile apps.

Many small businesses you interact with have their own dedicated mobile app — be it a beauty spa in your locality or coffee shop in your city. In case you are still not sure why anyone would want to build mobile app for their business, here are the top benefits of doing this.

To boost the interest of customers

When you develop a mobile app for your business, you have the opportunity to showcase the products or services to large group of audience. Your mobile app can be used as a one-stop point to get all the info they need. When you update the content on your mobile app, your customers will get glimpse of new products or services you have on offer. This excites the interest of existing customers. They are likely to recommend to other people, which increase the chances of making new customers.

A mobile app can give your business a constant presence on your customer’s phones, offering easy access of information at fingertips. Mobile apps are the most valuable tools, but are designed to fulfil specific purpose. They are best marketing tools to engage with new clients and retain existing clients.

Compete in specific market and increase sales

In order to compete in current industry, small and medium business owners should adapt to the new changes and uphold strong presence on mobile devices. Small business owners must understand how mobile technology can help them run their business better. More and more businesses are implementing internal apps to make operations run smoothly.   It is important to remember that there is a great difference between mobile app and mobile responsive website. Creating mobile app will help small business owners evolve with mobile centric customers.

In a study, it was found large companies design mobile apps to boost their sales. A good mobile app can facilitate quick checkout for purchase, leading to increase in sales.

Act as a direct marketing channel

Mobile apps have different functions such as – providing general info, prices, search features, booking forms, messengers, news feeds and much more. By having a mobile app, you can provide all the important information such as – special sales, promotions, updates, latest launch etc to the customers with much ease. Through the push notification, you can get closer to a direct interaction and remind the customers about your products and services.

You can use mobile apps for promoting your products and services across different channels. You can directly interact with your customers and know what exactly they want. You can even ask the customers to give feedback on your products and let you know where you can improve.

Build brand recognition

A mobile app for your business can contribute for your brand awareness. It is like a blank billboard sign where you can do whatever you want to do with it. You can make it functional, stylish and more informative. All you need to do is create an app that has all those features your customers love, and at the same time it should be designed beautifully.

The more your customers get involved with your app, the sooner they are inclined to buy your products and/or services. Seeing your brand more times will enhance the chances of recognition among customers. This kind of advertising is more effective and adds more value to your business.

Build customer loyalty

This is another biggest benefit of having mobile app. If you want to build customer loyalty, you should consider having a dedicated mobile app for your business, no matter how small your company is. Companies lose out impact on customers because of immense amount of advertising such as – roadside banners, Facebook ads, billboards, email marketing etc.

With all the noise out there, it’s time to make sincere connection with the customers and make them loyal towards your company. Mobile apps are not going to save your business, if you have already lost the game. But, they are the best way to stay closer to your customers. Build customer loyalty by developing the best mobile app for your business.

It aids in promotion and offers support

Most of the businesses have apps these days, as they grab the attention of multiple users. It is like approaching the customers directly, rather than asking them to visit your store. If you design an app that lures them to your store, you will reap the benefits. Create an offer through your app that is incredibly irresistible and notify your customers.

Mobile apps allow you to provide hassle free support to your customer queries. With a mobile app that can offer instructions and how-to guides, you are sure to win the heart of your customers. Develop a mobile app that is easy to connect with you and offers your customers the tools to make it easier for them to use your products and services.


Besides the above, there is plethora of benefits of mobile apps for business. If you really want to provide what your customers want, you must have a mobile app. It can easily collect user behavior data for your business and help you serve better products/services for your customers.   With proper marketing strategy and well-designed mobile app for your business, your business can get better visibility and higher sales. Hire a reputed mobile app development company to decide what you want to do and how to proceed.

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