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Partner Post - AppThis - Providing a data-driven monetization solution

Posted: November 27, 2015

Finn is a seasoned Internet executive with extensive business network and experience leading companies through high growth. Finn joined AppThis from Trueffect, where he continues to act as Chairman of the Advisory Board. Prior to Trueffect, he was COO at Datalogix and VP for Global Broadband at Yahoo.
Finn Faldi, Chief Revenue Officer.

Mobile has changed everything. The ubiquitous device that we carry around with us has fundamentally changed the way we interact with each other and our environment.
Thanks to increasing speed of connectivity to the internet, our lives are becoming more and more immersed in the medium. Mass customisations of our devices are possible thanks to the astonishing choice of apps. Currently there are nearly 2 MIL apps available on the Google Play and IOS store. For consumers, finding a relevant app is guided by recommendation or in-store rankings. The top 100 apps dominate the total downloads.
Developers dilemma
For Developers of Apps this presents both opportunities and challenges. Never before has it been easier to build and launch an app, yet the cost of promotion and user acquisition continues to rise as the marketplaces of Facebook and the App stores becomes more and more competitive.
Developers have built world-class apps only to be priced out of gaining traction by simple market forces.
The internet of things
To exacerbate this dual challenge and opportunity faced by Developers is the continued development of the Internet of Things. Apps, traditionally dominated by games (given the often global and non language specific appeal) are undergoing a sea change. Driving this, are the continued smartphone adoption and the way devices connected to the internet are shifting to an in app environment. These apps can be a diverse as managing a refrigerator to functions within a car.
Apps are the future and our engagement with them is not limited to our phone.
Serving the demand
This growth and complexity, is undoubtedly a good thing for the Mobile industry. Users are gaining real utility and value from apps and demand is continuing to accelerate. The App industry itself is set to be worth
With this trajectory and apps firmly established as media in of themselves, how does the advertising industry best serve both Developers and Publishers?
For large brands and apps, a high touch, service led approach from Agencies and Exchanges may be one option. Escalating CPIs and the need to rise above the “noise” often result in brilliant, creative brand building exercises which drives engagement and recall. All of this, however is costly and not a route that many early stage and challenger Developers can afford. For them, a performance led and automated solution is best.
App Discovery
Given the cost of both finding users and effectively managing the media to do this, we believe it makes sense to automate the process. App Discovery is now being driven by programmatically serving long tail audiences using machine learnings and complex algorithms to maximize efficiencies.
Self serve platforms that allow for specific targeting criteria will continue to grow in importance to the Developer community.
Democratising Global User Acquisition
We at AppThis believe using programmatic technology to access ‘hard to reach’ customer segments will allow creators of great apps to reach the audience they deserve. With performance at the heart of what we do, we welcome both Publishers and Developers to join us in Democratising Global User Acquisition.
You can check out AppThis on their website here.

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