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Posted: June 6, 2017

In the world of digital marketing everyone is searching for a magic button that allows getting maximum profit with minimum effort. Owners and managers of CPA and CPI networks are no exception. Since the launch of Affise platform, we have been thinking of how to automatize the routine process in Affiliate marketing and make the best out of use of it. Now we are ready to introduce a new solution to this problem. Even though it’s not a magic button, it’s something extremely close to it.
How often do you face the following problem: you take offers for reselling and then you have to add them manually? What if you have dozens of offers? Hundreds?  Thousands? What if you work with several partners? Several dozens of partners? Well, in this case the only thing you spend your time on is adding offers and configuring all the necessary parameters: targeting, payment, margin, status of privacy, changing names and descriptions of offers and so on and so forth. In other words, you have to do lots of mechanical and routine work.
Now some of you may ask, ‘What about API?’ Well, some affiliate programs do allow integrating through API. The problem is that you have to hire engineers to deal with technical failures on both sides. Any change you do requires an enormous amount of labor force. It’s obvious that in this case you not only overpay but also get distracted from the things that really matter. Instead of making money you, have to think about technical tasks.
Now imagine that you can solve the problem once and for all. No need to waste your time integrating with affiliate networks; the possibility to add as many offers as you wish; easy configuration of such parameters as targeting, payment and margin. You may think that it’s too good to be truth, but the newest service for affiliate network – CPAPI or Demand Collector – will prove to be a real solution for you.  
CPAPI turned rebrokering into a simple and easy process. Just in a few clicks you can unite, sync and unify all your data, systems and partners. The only thing you need to do is to specify your margin and rebrokering parameters. All the rest will be done automatically. You do not have to analyse and transfer offers manually anymore. No bolting of disparate systems. No hassle. Automated triggers will help you to avoid human errors, thus maximizing your KPI. You will definitely take advantage of our faster and more scalable system that will allow you to unify all the data immediately, create an in-house data warehouse and generate business intelligence easily. Focus on the important things while CPAPI does the rest. Flexible and smart interface will let you set up and change the parameters such as margin, limits, privacy in one click.
If you are a huge affiliate network, moving to a new more advanced platform might seem quite problematic to you. However, through CPAPI you can import all the offers from your old platform to the new one in less than a few minutes. The speed of work and the sync of offers is the No.1 priority for Affise. We have a dedicated channel for it, thus our clients get the highest speed of synchronization as well as a smooth operation.  
Sounds great, doesn’t it? But we have gone even further. Imagine that you are working with hundreds and even thousands of offers, for you and your Affiliates it means creation of the same amount of advertising campaigns. CPAPI helps you to minimize your efforts by creating only one Smart Link. Affiliates just grab the Smart Link, and Affise sends traffic automatically to various offers in various affiliate programs that you are rebrokering. Using the technology of machine learning, Smart Link chooses the offers thus making the maximum profit on certain traffic. This is the way you get your highest possible ROI.

How does CPAPI work?

The first step you should do is to fill in the fields at “Tracking systems” part with Affise credentials. Tracking system is the part responsible for THE DESTINATION OF OFFERS EXPORT (your Affise instance)

Then you should create the demand source which will import the offers to CPAPI. The settings of demand sources depends on network type.

 At the moment we support this set of Demand Sources:

  • AppThis
  • Avazu
  • Axonite
  • Cake (all networks on this engine)
  • DCypher Media
  • FuseClick (all networks on this engine)
  • HasOffers (all networks on this engine)
  • OffersLook (all networks on this engine)
  • Minimob
  • Mobidea
  • Mobusi
  • IronSource
  • Glispa
  • Mobrain

Then final step is to start a campaign, which will export all the offers from CPAPI to Affise. Here is the campaign settings, where you can choose the frequency of synchronization:

Advertiser – the list of advertisers from your Affise network.
Privacy – the privacy level for imported offers (public/pre-moderation/private)
Margin – % of partner’s contributions
Offer status – forces the status of imported offers (if you want offers yo have the same status as your advertiser have, you should left this field empty)
If you want to export just some part of the parsed offers you should use the checkboxes:

The List of campaigns with their ids, titles, statues, numbers, synchronization info and action buttons:

CPAPI provides you with all the information you need:

As you can see, reselling offers has never been easier! CPAPI is literally a game changer in Affiliate Marketing: it will unburden your working life in affiliate marketing, as well as maximize your profit!
Fast integration with affiliate networks. The possibility to add as many offers as you wish. Customisation and configuration of such parameters as targeting, payment and margin in a few clicks. Easy two-way communication. No code. No hassle. Try it today, its 100% Free!

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