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Partner Post - Dejavu Technology White Label Advertising Server

Posted: August 1, 2016

The constant evolution and globalization of the web and mobile market brought companies to a non-stop innovation, challenging them to give always the best service with the smallest price possible. Professionals were asking for autonomy in their web and online traffic trade, using a white paper advertising platform capable of giving high performances and with all the functions to run their businesses in the best way possible, with the possibility to make their advertising networks grow. This is the context in which Ad Servers were developed, with the aim of giving them a tool that will facilitate worldwide web and online traffic trade.
DejavuTech white label mobile advertising server
Dejavu Technology decided to step inside the Ad Server industry with an eye on the market and on the professionals, launching White Label, a complete self-service Advertising Platform that encloses all the features considered fundamentals for the online traffic exchange. Among its characteristics there are real time advanced statistics, integrated payment system.
Analyzing the market, we grouped the professionals that could benefit from our AdServer:

  • Advertising networks and Agencies : professionals that manage third party online traffic or have their ad network with publishers and advertisers can manage all traffic in complete autonomy and make their business grow.
  • Adult and Gambling industry : sometimes, advertising networks and platforms don’t allow +18 online traffic and work only with mainstream traffic. With White Label you’ll be free to work with every type of web traffic and make it profitable.
  • Gaming websites and apps market : our platform is created to give the best trade experience to our professional and to get to the widest audience possible, we integrated a unique SDK inside the panel that will help every developer and App publisher to make the most of all their online mobile traffic, and advertisers to promote their games and activities through In App advertising.
  • Dating websites : having dating websites is a very good opportunity for advertising. Registering Advertisers inside the platform will bring real benefits for these professionals.
  • Social network : keep social media traffic under control creating dedicated ad campaigns inside the network and checking real time statistics to see traffic and campaigns flows.

A White Label Ad Server has quickly become a fundamental tool for every professional who wants to earn through web, online and In App traffic exchange, and have the complete control on all actions made inside his network.

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