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Partner Post - Dejavu Technology White Label Advertising Server

Posted: July 27, 2016

Embracing the development of the web traffic exchange market, professionals had to deal with new threads of their online advertising trade. Technology lead to fake traffic, bot-created clicks and views, and users had to find a way to protect their activity.
So, how can you check my web and online mobile traffic? How can you see where and if my ads are showed? Is there a way to control my business and understand the market trend?
Our Ad Server, White Label, has been created to provide personalized real time statistics to facilitate the market analysis for all publishers, advertisers and administrator of the platform.
The advanced statistics brought real and proven benefits to users that can control several data streams:

  • As administrator: traffic flow for individual websites or apps, either for single user or the entire network, the trends of the advertising campaigns and websites, impressions, clicks, revenues and costs, CTRs,  specific periods of time to analyze or the entire history data log.

DejavuTech admin dashboard

  • As publisher: traffic flow inside websites, advertising campaigns showed, revenue, impression, clicks, redirects, pops, eCPM, analysing the datas for day, week, month, year or personalising the period of time. The panel allows to see all the statistics limited to a specific country, device, type of traffic and revenue for the last 30 days.

DejavuTech publisher dashboard

  • As Developers: app traffic, app installs, clicks, revenues and costs checking for a limited time frame or the whole app traffic history.
  • As advertiser: a campaign overall performance, impressions, clicks, costs, CTR, the websites in which the ads have been shown, for a specific period of time. Advertisers can analyze a specific campaign and monitor all websites it displays, then decide either to keep those websites or to put them on a personalized blacklist.

DejavuTech advertiser dashboard

The technology we offer was designed to be easy to use and understand and it’s been constantly updated to give you the most accurate information possible, it registers and stores data for only the effective traffic sent by websites and the real view and click generated by a given ad. Our system, indeed, blocks every faked traffic or bot created clicks, in order to provide an accurate information for your business.
Try Dejavu Technology Advertising Platform and analyze easily all you web, mobile and In App traffic. 

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