Deeplink launches AppWords, where mobile ads link installed apps together

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Mobile app deeplinking platform Deeplink has announced AppWords, a new product designed to do for deeplinking what Google AdWords did for online keyword ads. At the moment, apps are standalone pieces of software, with little connection to the outside world. Deeplinks and AppWords will help change this, by driving users to related content in other apps installed on a smartphone, by using an ad.
For example, when a user purchases a movie ticket in an app, at checkout an ad is displayed for restaurants located near the theater, which when clicked directly opens the relevant app. Marketers will bid on keywords – restaurants near X location, in this case – related to the content, to redirect users to an app already installed on the device.
Co-founder of Deeplink, Noah Klausman, told

“We see this as the next iteration of mobile search. Whereas on desktop, we go to a search page and declare an intent and the search engine matches that up to a bidder, mobile is totally different because signaling isn’t the same. We built this platform to extract intent in real time based on what a user just did, and match up a relevant app to that intent.”

If you’re wondering why you would want to send users away from your own app, the AppWords system is best suited to apps where there is a clear exit point for users, and this is a good way to not only add value, but also to receive visitors back to your app from others using AppWords.
Noah Klausman continues:

“The beauty of AppWords is that, once you buy a ticket in a movie app, you have no reason to go back into that app, as you’ve exhausted the need. So that app can help their users who have already converted find the next thing that you are likely to do, and they’ll also get a new session from other users.”

You can learn more about the AppWords system by visiting Deeplink’s demo page here.

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