Curio wins Paid User Acquisition at 2019 App Growth Awards

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Posted: December 17, 2019

The most important category that splits app marketing in two parts is devision on free and paid. App marketers can either go with generating native, free traffic for their apps, go the paid user acquisition route or preferably go both at the same time. There are some many crucial components that app marketing teams need to take care to succeed with a paid app user acquisition campaign.

At 2019 App Growth Awards the team of 16 independent judges had a hard task on their hands to choose only one team to award with the Paid User Acquisition Campaign award.

On December 5, 2019 that award was handed to the Curio team – you can see their happy faces below :-).

Paid User Acquisition Campaign award is given to Agencies & App Publishers for the best paid user acquisition campaign of 2019 for an app. The entry must demonstrate that the campaign successfully acquired new users by implementing innovative and/or traditional acquisition techniques via any paid channel e.g. Facebook, Google UAC, Apple Search Ads. This can be a single channel or cross-promotion campaign.

Curio team at the 2019 App Growth Awards

Other finalists include:

It was an honor to hand the award to the awesome team of Curio. Keep it up and let’s inspiration never leaves you.

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