Curate Mobile combats questionable mobile traffic with latest addition

Anne Freier | November 24, 2017

Mobile Advertising

App install fraud has now reached levels of 7.8% worldwide, leading to fluctuating media prices due to fraudulent impressions within an ad network.
Mobile attribution hasn’t been able to protect advertisers, which is why Curate Mobile, the mobile growth platform, has launched a new feature for mobile advertising clients to tackle the issue of questionable traffic.
The new addition monitors inventory in real time so that advertisers can be assured of the quality of their inventory.
If a questionable activity is triggered using custom parameters set by the marketer, the source is immediately restricted and the client receives an alert.
In addition, advertisers can proactively block traffic or other supply sources such as sub-sources, keywords or domains that may present a threat to quality of inventory.
In addition, supply sources can be filtered and blocked such as geolocation, operating system or offer level conversion windows.

“This is a leap beyond simply relying on just the advertiser’s attribution. The mobile ecosystem has historically been very reactive versus proactive – which we are now able to do at the specific source level. Our custom rules can be defined on the actual offer level as opposed to the advertiser level,” says Marc Porcelli, Founder and CEO of Curate Mobile.

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