Cupboard makes reporting of Google Universal App Campaigns easier

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. February 15, 2019

For users of Google Universal App Campaigns (UAC) granular reporting of campaigns can be a difficult process. Now, a new platform aims to provide app developers with more transparent reporting insights into their app install and in-app campaigns using UAC.

Cupboard was originally developed by Bamboo, the mobile marketing agency.

In a blog post, the company said:

“Cupboard was born out of Bamboo’s problems. As a mobile ad agency that spends millions per year on Google UAC, we have a real need for a simple, powerful tool that saves us time on reporting and unlocks more visibility into our UAC campaigns and creatives.”

Cupboard provides reporting automation and analysis of UAC data. It processes the Google UAC ad account data to generate a Pivot Table which is then further processed.

The main campaign questions that the platform addresses include how a video performs across campaigns over time, how UAC changes network allocation and which creatives offer the best performance. Added support includes saved insights and aggregation of creative performance across all campaigns.

Cupboard emerged out of beta this week, and is now open to all UAC advertisers.