CrossInstall launches tool to show mobile advertisers where they could boost conversions

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. February 12, 2018

Traditional demand side platforms (DSPs) do not provide advertisers with extensive control over their cost-per-install (CPI) adjustments.
For advertisers in need of more scale, programmatic interactive mobile advertising company, CrossInstall, has launched an Opportunity Forecast Tool (OFT) which lets advertisers hone in on improving their campaigns. The OFT shows marketers where they could adjust their CPI minimally in order to increase conversions.
The tool promises to deliver rate adjustments including those at granular level as determined by the advertiser’s data.
Additionally, the tool predicts the volume impact of the incremental increases and decreases to CPI.
It then offers recommendations and opportunities for marketers to increase their bids by small amounts.
According to Kivanc Okutur, Marketing Performance Manager at Gram Games, which installed OFT to add transparency and enhanced understanding of their campaign volume and rate changes:

“The first time we used the Opportunity Forecast Tool, we realized this was something that would give us unprecedented insight into how to spend our dollars.”

OFT also provides real-time forecast updates on an advertiser’s schedule.

“Following the recommendations of the tool will make our day-to-day and long term decisions more accurate. It is easier for us to exceed our conversion goals and make smart, data-driven choices with confidence. In the complex app install landscape, it is rare that we feel so involved and empowered — this tool is a game changer for advertisers looking to balance scale and quality,” Okutur adds.

According to CrossInstall, one client used the OFT to guide a 10% increase in their CPI which would lead to 121% more installs. A projected 190 installs actually came in at 188 installs over two days.

“We want our advertisers to be able to scale their campaigns in a surgical, high-impact way while making just small price changes,” says CrossInstall’s CEO, Jeff Marshall.
“We are passionate about enabling advertisers to make data-driven monetary decisions. What we do, as a DSP, is a complex process, and we want to eliminate black boxes and help advertisers feel confident they are driving the most conversions. With the Opportunity Forecast Tool, we want to lead the way into a future of transparency in traffic buying and forecasting accuracy. This tool will revolutionize advertisers’ abilities to balance scale and quality.”

In addition, the company has plans to upgrade the tool to become a self-service feature that lets marketers accept rate suggestions and implement them immediately.
Although return on investment is the ultimate goal of OFT, the added campaign visibility is surely a bonus.