CrossInstall boosts playable mobile app ads with launch of Creatives as a Service unit

CrossInstall, the programmatic interactive mobile advertising company, has launched a Creatives as a Service (CaaS) unit which produces playable ad units for major networks such as Facebook, Google UAC, Snap and others.
Advertisers will be able to use CrossInstall’s engaging and custom-designed playable ads to expand their reach to more users.
At the same time, the playables let customers experience an app before deciding to download it. This also makes for improved measurements of app downloads – with users deciding to download the app more likely to stick around.
The service also incorporates the company’s in-house creative team to make sure that each ad captures the essence of an app just right.
CaaS includes iteration, storyboarding, the design and development and QA for visually pleasing and universally compatible ads.
The QA team checks that each ad adheres to the platform’s policy, guidelines and file size variations. CrossInstall says that it regularly double checks ads to make sure they are loading correctly.
Advertisers may opt to build creative every 4,8 or 12 weeks. This depends on the platform and network requirements. However, the company does also offer dynamic parameter selections.
Georgia Herdener, CrossInstall’s Vice President of Partnerships, explains that CaaS is a needed service within the mobile ad space.

“Clients love our playable ad units, and they consistently ask to leverage them on other networks,” she says. “Buying playable units outright is always more difficult than advertisers expect because of issues surrounding creative optimizations, SDK environments, file size requirements and more. Our programmatic experience gives us the added advantage of using dynamic parameter and interaction rate tracking to produce fully optimized, high-quality playables. We’re excited to offer our clients the flexibility to use these creatives across top networks such as Facebook, Google and more.”

Facebook recently announced that CrossInstall was a playable provider of its own playables product.
In addition, mobile game maker, Gram Games, has been using CrossInstall playable ads to promote its Merge Dragons! game on Facebook. It noted that the ad unit drove a 25-30% return on ad spend (ROAS).

“We appreciate CrossInstall’s focus on tailoring the playable on a consistent basis through dynamic parameters, theme and character updates, and creative experience iterations to help us reach our goals,” said Tatyana Bogatyreva, Head of User Acquisition at Gram Games.

Over the next few months, CrossInstall has plans to launch a self-serve dashboard for creative insights, ad spend and quality reporting.

“Our goal is to provide a self-serve, real-time analytics dashboard where advertisers can get their hands dirty with playable optimizations and reporting,” added CrossInstall’s CEO, Jeff Marshall. CrossInstall’s Creative as a Service empowers advertisers with options.
“Advertisers will also be able to configure their own packaged builds based on dynamic parameter selections of their choosing. Eventually, clients will be able to view install, post-install, and ROI performance per creative and dynamic parameter setting. From there, we can work alongside clients to iterate and optimize their creatives to drive the best results and meet their goals.”