Cross-device usage is growing – mobile dominates throughout the day

Millennial women are more cross-device compared to other consumers. According to new research from Verto Analytics, the ad measurement company, almost a third of women aged 26-35 own at least three devices. By comparison, just 11% of their male counterparts own the same amount of devices.
Based on Verto Watch daily data of consumer usage patterns, behaviours and demographics, things are considerably different for Generation X (aged 36-45 years), with the number of men owning at least three devices increasing to 40% compared to 36% of women.
 The study also exposed certain ‘super users’ who are spending twice as much time using certain apps compared to the average consumer. Typical super mobile gamers include the 39-year old female, spending an average 14.9 hours within 127 session on gaming apps each month.
Among the most frequently played games are Pokémon GO, Candy Crush Soda Saga and Candy Crush Saga.
Verto Analytics classifies the super shopper as the 41-year-old female who spends an average 4.5 hours across 47 sessions each month within shopping apps and sites. The leading shopping apps include Amazon, eBay and Wish – in terms of time spent.
The young male user (around 20 years old) is the typical music lover who spends 5.9 hours engaging with music apps to generate 181 sessions each month within leading music apps Spotify, Pandora and SoundCloud.
Overall, it appears that cross-device usage is now a common theme and mobile usage dominates throughout the day; though it is highest on weekends. Indeed, mobile device usage is highest during evenings, when PC usage drops sharply. 94% of consumers are still using PCs. However, smartphones are catching up fast (81%).

On average, consumers spend around 22.5 hours each month using social media and communication apps. Games are being used around 14.75 hours, followed by web browsers at 10.5 hours and entertainment at 9.75 hours per month. Kik and Snapchat are the preferred social media apps for Millennials, whilst Facebook is used across all age generations. Tinder is more popular among male Millennials.
Hannu Verkasalo, CEO of Verto Analytics, explains:

“Cross-device media consumption has officially become the norm among most consumers. As a result, we’re seeing clear behavioural patterns emerge and a certain fluidity of usage – between screens and services. Brands, publishers and advertisers are waking up to the fact knowing which apps are the most popular isn’t enough. It’s more important for them to know what consumers are doing in the app and on which device, and who that consumer is. Verto Watch is the only measurement solution on the market today that offers brands a single-source view of the cross-device consumers’ digital behaviour.”

With cross-device usage becoming ever more frequent among a wide range of age groups, marketers and advertisers will have to adapt their strategies accordingly to reach their intended audiences. This offers significant opportunities, but also challenges.

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