Cross-device measurement is tough, but marketers consider location data to be the most important tool

For 41% of marketers, the development of a unified cross-channel customer experience is at the top of their list, followed by improving their programmatic ad capabilities. That’s according to new research from PlaceIQ conducted by 451 Research among 200 multi-channel marketers.

However, one of the core challenges marketers are facing in order to build more integrated programmes is accurate measurement. Although overall measurement has become easier over the years thanks to the usage of cookies, device IDs and location-enabled smartphones, advertising is becoming ever more complex at the same time.
Marketers are facing a variety of challenges such as limited budgets and lack of shared performance goals in addition to measurement.

When it comes to measurement tools, over half of respondents consider location data to be the most valuable tool. Indeed, a good understanding of consumer locations can be critical in deciding if a product may have a chance of crossing their paths.
Hence, 81% of marketers rank location data as the first or second most important element of their measurement strategy. Purchase data was seen as the second most vital measure.
Despite location being considered as important, just 24% of respondents are actually measuring it.

The research also revealed that although location has yet to be widely deployed, 21% of marketers are testing the data tool. The report says:

Since communications with customers and potential customers are no longer limited to just a few mass media advertising channels, there’s greater opportunity for marketers to choose when, where and how they reach customers to maximize the relevance of their message. Integrated marketing, an approach that seeks to create a seamless narrative across channels, is one way marketers are engaging with these connected consumers. The adoption of this approach is progressing quickly.

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