Critical Factors to Be Considered For Making Your Mobile App Successful

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Posted: September 28, 2017

Ample of apps are existing out there in the market out of which some are a total hit, some of them stay for a time and some are even not noticed. Every mobile app that is built and launched carries a lot of hard works within itself.

Keeping in mind the two factors, to reach their clientele and exposing out their services businesses are adopting the ideation of mobile apps, but it might fail due to some reasons.

  • Improper research
  • Wrong platform selection
  • Incorrect technology implementation
  • Overloading the app
  • Clumsy UX

Well, these can be addressed, in case you decide to select a good and a reliable mobile app development company such as Octal IT Solution that may conserve your businesses with the right mobile apps. Since the failure of an app means a lot for a person, hence in this post we will be outlining some of the basic concepts of the Top mobile app developers that can help you reap out the maximum growth with the help of the mobile apps.

Focus on the App idea

Before you begin with the app development, keep your answers ready for these questions.

  • What are the services you are offering?
  • Who will be your target audience?
  • Is your solution strong enough to keep them engaged?
  • Will people love your app idea?
  • Will they use it without having a second thought?

If you have these answers, your app is going to be a clear winner, because you exactly know what to serve, how to serve and whom to serve. You can then be able to clearly explain the developer about the actual core value and the purpose of your app.

The app design or the UX can be then designed accordingly as per your target audience, so that you may deliver them the exact product, they require. Two major examples such as Truecaller and Whatsapp served their consumers with the idea that they carried, yet simple but they were adopted worldwide. Hence it is imperative to develop the product that sticks to core value of your services.

Put the right time 

You have to wait for your product till it is developed. But just sitting and waiting is not a good thing to do for a business person. Instead market and promote your app. Let your users know that you are coming with an innovative and a polished app, so as to offer more services at a single time.  Invest your time in identifying your competitors and their existing products out there.

Verify all the stages of app development right from the On-boarding till the completion of any activity. Select the suitable product configuration types depending on the complexity of your product.

Determine what matters you the most – high rate of conversions, incremented revenues or fast execution time. Based on the priorities, develop the product such that you target your clientele at the right point, so as to acquire the desired goal.

Determine the right metrics

So, if you are ready with your product, analyze what is important for you – the long term customer relations or the number of sign-ups. Measure your results and review the feedbacks. Look at the scope of improvement and maintain a healthy interaction with the users.

Experiment with your app and add an impressive iteration that is in trend, so as to encourage the users to use your app. Track your app statistics and figures and provide an update to the users from time to time so as to make them glued to you app.

Indeed, it requires a lot of hard work, but if the right amount of time and techniques are invested in the correct format, for sure the impressive results will reap out, as staying attentive can yes set the high success levels of your business growth.

Stay attuned with new technologies

Check the most adopted technologies and especially the ones that contribute in making the app functionality fluent and seamless. Implementing the traditional technical parameters in the mobile app, can augment its abandonment rates.

Clearly, analyze the requirements of the mobile app, and use the technology for which mobile users are really excited about. Technologies such as IoT, AR, VR, and NFC are in very trend and people are very keen to use the apps embedded with these technologies.

Hence, it is very imperative to develop the products that are tailored to the vision of your users and the with the concepts they are looking for.

Use the correct app development model

It may happen quite often, that you may need a mobile app, as soon as possible. But such approach can lead into a confused development as the certain stages might be missed upon, in case urgent delivery becomes a priority.

Thus depending on the product deliveries, there are three development models widely used:

Scrum Model

It is most recognizable model, and emphasizes on reducing down the project complexity. Rather it focuses only those features that meet with the precise needs of your businesses.  In this framework, the requirements are not specified and it proves very useful in combining the efforts of your developers working on the surface, so as to engineer the products that demands deliveries in minimized time.

Waterfall model

This model best suits for the big projects and where the projects deliveries are not urgent. This framework is divided into subsequent phases that are required to be completed step by step.

It involves the testing at the end of each phase and in case, the result comes out to be good, it is processed further. It works great where the requirements are predetermined and fixed.  It garners impressive results, where the project scope is less complex and the resources available are well in quantity.

Agile Model

This is known as one of the fastest medium for developing your Mobile Apps. It divides the project into small phases and is focused on process adaptability. It delivers the product, in the way your consumers will love to use and targets the right features of your Mobile apps.

It helps to create the products with a planned approach and allows delivering the partial solutions, as and when required. Being known as the most commonly adopted models; it clearly deciphers your project ideas, thus helping you to deliver the exact and leveraging product that meets with the existing market standards.

Hence, clearly unravel the requirements of your project, and then determine the suitable development model. The aforementioned frameworks, helps you come out with the furnished and unbeatable products that quality committed and functional proof.

Customer engagement

Going by the above steps, you have undeniably conserved the best and excelled mobile app. Remember the app developed is the reflection of your businesses, hence represent it in the way consumer loves.

For example, Tez, the very popular Google App rewards the consumer with the every transaction they make or if the person refers it to the other one. Thus integrating the rewards and loyalty programs in the app can make it capture the high user engagement ways.

More features such as embedding some challenges, using leader boards, attractive videos, describing your business insights and goals can encourage the users for using your app.

Precisely, customer engagement is directly proportional to your business growth, hence approach them with the right approach for gaining the maximum app downloads.

Bottom Line

Mobile Apps are one of the greatest medium for making your business achieve milestones. But that is only possible if the strategies are executed with clear and defined ideas and requirements. Verify and analyze all the users and market strategies for driving the amazing results.

If you would like to discuss your business mobile app development, mobile app experts at Octal IT Solution are ready to help you. You can reach them at the following email.

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