Cost of campaign overviews made easy: TUNE reveals Multiverse – the interactive ROAS bot

Bots are making it easier for marketers to become more efficient by crunching the numbers and instantly designing and displaying graphs for an overview of their marketing data.
Now, TUNE, the mobile marketing company, has launched Multiverse, as tunebot designed to enable advertisers to interact with Multiverse reporting data from Slack chat sessions.
The tool has been designed to create Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) reports more easily, and according to TUNE says Multiverse is the only interactive ROAS bot currently on the market.
When a user questions the bot, it queries the user’s Multiverse reporting data and generates insights. There’s little doubt that this will save advertisers time.
In addition, the report can be instantly shared with colleagues via Multiverse’s Slack Bot. Slack Bot metrics that can be accessed include cost, installs, opens, events, revenue, CPI, RPI 30, RPI 90, LTV, ROAS, and many more.
Peter Hamilton, CEO of TUNE, explains that marketing tends to be measured in terms of performance.

“To be most effective, marketers also need access to measurement and performance in different forms, depending on what they need to know. The first of its kind, tunebot adds a new layer of quick access to KPIs or partner performance by simply asking a question. I’m really excited to see how marketers use tunebot. It will continue to evolve quickly the more requests it receives, so please start using it and sending your feedback.”

TUNE also released a list of ways how bots can help marketers including:

  • Foster great relationshipswith your end user. This can come in the form of helpful tips, tutorials, technical documentation, and articles/blog posts served via the bot.
  • Manage important info. Give users the power to modify contact info and email address, edit any aspect of their account, or submit a request for a meeting with support staff, all while engaging in a conversational format with a bot.
  • Compare multiple data points. Knowing which client-facing creative or ad spend is outperforming the others is valuable information. And being able to render a report (via a bot) that decisively determines which creative is driving the most conversions is a huge advantage.
  • Convey important knowledge. No need to direct users to a series of URLs that hold valuable info. Instead, bots can help communicate and simplify a complex process by using natural language. This makes it easier for busy marketers to get the correct information, when they need it most. Examples include contact info, support hours, product catalogs/services, and brand messaging.
  • Drive business. Any time you can help a user find what they’re looking for in the fewest number of clicks, you’ve improved the user experience. Bots can definitely help here too. Allowing users to examine service/product offerings, consult customer reviews, comparison shop on price, analyze feature sets, and sign up/make a purchase directly from the comfort of a bot chat session, makes for a simplistic and clean user experience.

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