Consumers want coupons as part of their mobile shopping journey

The majority of consumers (67%) are more likely to shop with retailers that provide mobile coupons, according to new research by BRP Consulting.

However, just 40% of retailers and brands indicated that they already provide discounts and coupons as part of their mobile app.

Mobile shopping continues to grow with 41% of consumers planning to increase their shopping frequency on phones and tablet. Meanwhile, 41% of retailers have made plans to improve the mobile shopping experience.

Many shoppers still use their mobile devices to research prices (34%) whilst 28% search for offers.

By implementing the right capabilities, retailers could be driving sales. 68% of retailers said they had implemented a mobile website, whilst 47% also offered a dedicated mobile app. Even if final purchases occur in-store, the research highlights that mobile apps/web are critical in driving the consumer journey.

Consumers value such mobile app features like item availability, product information, customer service, coupons and discount and rewards the most.

The last few years have seen significant improvements when it comes to incorporating newer technologies to drive the consumer journey. Among the prevalent technologies used to identify consumers in store are WiFi (19%) and beacons (9%).

Although 61% of retailers have plans to install technologies to help them identify customers walking into stores, just 39% of consumers are comfortable with mobile identification as a means of personalisation.

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