Consumers trust brands more that ask fewer questions

Anne Freier | December 10, 2018

Mobile Advertising

Over one third of consumers find that brands are asking for too much personal information which causes brand distrust.  That’s according to a survey of 1,000 US consumers by Jebbit, which highlights consumer trust in a GDPR world.

Another 28% of respondents said that public data scandals also led to them to distrust a brand, followed by inaccurate marketing information (16.18%) and creepy ads as well as confusing privacy policies (9.98% each).

Experiences which boost brand trust include showing ads and offers that are solely based on shared data. Importantly however, shared data must come from the customer i.e. having been willingly donated as opposed to collected through third-parties.

Among the top trusted digital brands, Amazon and Google rank top, followed by Visa and United Parcel Service. The least trusted brands include Supervalu Inc, AutoNation and DISH Network Corporation.

Interestingly, roughly 55% of respondents said they wished they could trust Facebook more.

Although the top-ranked brands should be applauded for their efforts, Amazon reached a 6.3 score out of 10. This means that there is much room for brands to grow in terms of their trust score.

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