Consumers spent over $23 billion in app stores in Q1 2020

Anne Freier | April 7, 2020

App Business

The average time spent in apps and games globally increased 20% during Q 2020, according to an analysis of Android devices.

The latest data provided by App Annie show that time spent in mobile apps has been rising rapidly during the coronavirus lockdown.

At the same time, consumer spending in app stores has been steadily rising.

During the first quarter of the year, consumers spent more than $23.4 billion through app stores – making it the largest quarter ever for App Store expenditure.

iOS alone account for $15 billion whilst Google Play apps contributed $8.3 billion – representing a rise if 5% year-on-year.

Overall, app downloads were up 15% from Q4 2019 to 31 billion. Google Play saw app downloads shoot up 5% year-on-year whole iOS app downloads rose 15%.

As more people began to work from home, they were making use of non-gaming apps more often with downloads significantly up for both iOS (65%) and Google Play (55%).

When it comes to the top app categories, non-gaming apps accounted for 35% of consumer spending on iOS and 15% on Google Play.

Consumers overall spent more than $16.7 billion on games during the quarter.

App users in US and China contributed significantly to these figures for iOS while US, Japan and South Korean consumers dominated for spending on Android.

Previous studies have shown that app users were spending more time with game and entertainment app. App Annie data confirms these points further as Android users spent more money on gaming, social and entertainment apps whilst iOS users spent more on games, entertainment and photo and video apps.

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