Consumers spent 12.3% more on app purchases this Christmas

Consumers spent a whopping $196 million on in-app purchases, premium apps as well as subscriptions in the App Store and Google Play Store on December 25, 2017. That’s an increase of 12.3% from the previous year ($174 million) according to new data from Sensor Tower.
Games grew 5.2% to $158 million in 2017, compared to 66% for non-game apps to $38 million (up from $24 million in 2016). Though not surprising, it’s an interesting climb for non-game apps and shows that the category is gaining momentum.
Indeed, the report notes that entertainment category apps saw some of the strongest growth over the holiday season with consumers spending 98% more in apps such as Netflix and HBO Now compared to 2016. These two apps also represent the top earners within the category.
The rise in consumer interest in the non-gaming app categories also represents a good opportunity for developers.
A report by App Annie during Q3 2017 further confirmed the success of entertainment apps. Consumer spending in the category increased 30% quarter-on-quarter within the App Store and 45% in the Google Play store. Video streaming apps were clearly leading the category.
Randy Nelson, Head of Mobile Insights at Sensor Tower, says:

“As in years past, in-app spending should continue to remain higher than normal through the new year as consumers continue to explore the possibilities of their newly acquired devices and tap into app store gift cards. We’ll continue to track both stores and take a look at total year-end spending once we’ve officially bid farewell to 2017.”

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