Consumers prefer to engage with mobile app adverts compared to other mobile adverts

Although consumers aren’t keen on clicking on mobile ads, mobile app ads are seeing greater engagement, according to a survey by mobile partnership platform Button, and App Annie, the mobile app data provider.
The survey among 1,106 US smartphone owners also found that many respondents feel that they are missing out on great new apps (37%) and find them hard to discover (38%). That’s good news for app developers – despite denser competition in the app market, users are still keen to explore new favourites.
However, age is a consideration here as 75% of Baby Boomers are content with their existing apps.
When it comes to app marketing, the research notes that consumers are generally more engaged with app-related ads than non-app related campaigns. Indeed, 52% of respondents said that they had previously clicked on mobile ads for another app (a drop from 57% in 2015), whilst 44% clicked and downloaded an app.
Trust appears to be a big issue with 64% of respondents more willing to purchase or install apps if they came from a certified trusted site such as the iOS App or Google Play Stores.

Interestingly, more than half of consumers have never downloaded a suggested app on Facebook. Just 8% made a purchase after seeing a Facebook ad for an app. It appears that the social media network may not be converting to users. Again, it’s an age question. A whopping 71% of Baby Boomers have never purchased or installed an app following a Facebook mobile ad, whilst 47% of Millennials have never done the same.
When it comes to shopping, mobile has made quite the splash.
A whopping 76% of respondents said that they had previously purchased using a mobile app or site. Generation X leads the way at 81% compared to 63% of Baby Boomers.
Over half of respondents said that they were also using their devices to search for reviews or prices when shopping on mobile.
Consumers do not a clear preference for whether they prefer mobile apps or websites for their shopping needs. On average, half of them using mobile apps to shop. However, once again, there’s a generational divide with Millennials (62%) more inclined to prefer apps, whilst Baby Boomers (56%) prefer the mobile web.

For those who prefer apps, the reasons include easier navigation (69%), saving of login details (61%) and faster loading times (57%) as well as saving of payment credentials (54%).
A majority of phone users also plan to use their mobile devices when shopping this Holiday season (80%), led by Millennials and Generation X.

Matt Miller, Market Insights Manager at App Annie, explains:

“Around the world, app markets show no sign of slowing down, a sign of good things to come for both emerging and mature app economies.”

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